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    This shall serve to document and confirm our understandings regarding the above referenced matter.

    As a prospective purchaser of a motor vehicle dealership listed by us, you acknowledge that you are obligated to keep all information received from us about the dealership confidential in order that the dealership business and its principal(s) not suffer irreparable harm.

    Therefore, as a condition to us furnishing you with information regarding the business ("Information & Documentation"), you agree to treat, keep and retain in strict confidence, and not disclose or release the "Information & Documentation" without our prior approval.

    In the event that you need to consult with any other person or professional regarding the business, they shall assume the same obligations as you under this confidentiality agreement.

    Please be advised that all "Documentation & Information" given to you are for your review and that D.T. Murphy & Company makes no representations or warranties with respect to them, or in connection with the dealership business or operation. All Information & Documentation shall be promptly returned or destroyed should there be no interest in the business represented by us.

    Finally, you acknowledge the responsibility to perform a due diligence review at your own expense prior to any acquisition of a dealership represented by D.T. Murphy & Company.

    If you are in agreement, kindly complete the buyer registration in full and submit this agreement below.


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