Selling a business is highly complex and stressful and the use of a facilitator/broker can help the owner obtain the highest price by:

  • Determining the right asking price
  • Preparing a confidential dealership prospectus
  • Presenting the listing to a database of qualified buyers
  • Advertising the listing in the Automotive News without specifically disclosing the store
  • Negotiating the “deal” by and between the seller and buyer through the use of a written offer (Letter of Intent)
  • Working with attorneys, accountants and franchisors towards a successful closing

auto dealership sales

Working with Dan Murphy and his Buyer Database

Murphy has an extensive database of qualified buyers who have the financial wherewithal and necessary experience to complete the sale. Buyers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and complete a financial profile prior to the release for any information on a dealership listing.

Seller’s Checklist